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2016-08-19 07:19:10 by yeTenszi

Hello Newgrounds.

My name is yeTenszi as you can see from my username.

i am a inspired artist.

and i'd like to become a game developer/programmer (Progress: Learning C++ Using Codeblocks)

I like art and music my favorite genre is electronic my favorite is from Monstercat.

I am currently using a Bamboo Pen & Touch (CTH-470)

I like video games like any male and my favorite games at the moment are Garry's Mod, Terraria, Starbound and Counter-Strike 1.6 and my favorite franchises/series of games is Mario, Portal, Little Big Planet and Counter-Strike.

The animation software i am currently using is Adobe Flash CS3 Professional.

~ yeTenszi


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2016-08-19 09:58:34

Welcome to Newgrounds!

yeTenszi responds:

Thank You!